Bijlipur Temple,Balrampur

The temple built by the erstwhile Maharaja of Balrampur in the 19th century. The location of the temple came to the Maharaja in his dream and is linked to the story that a devotee of Patan Devi used to walk the distance from Bijlipur to Patan Devi every day of his life to pray to the Devi. When he grew old, his physical condition deteriorated untill one day he pleaded to the Devi that he was now unable to come for her darshan due to his old age this was the last visit.

Soon thereafter, the Maharaja of Balrampur was passing by this area which was heavily forested and he took a break for the night in the vicinity. That night there was a storm accompanied by thunder and lightening. The Devi appeared in the Maharaja’s dream and directed him to build a temple at the spot she would indicate. Next morning he received news that a large peepul tree had been struck by lightening and had burnt down. In its place there was a deep hole made in the ground.

The Maharaja then went on to build this temple. It was made of red stone with exquisite carvings for which stone masons were employed from Rajasthan. There is no idol in the main temple. There is a deep hole in the ground which is covered with cloth and prayers to the Devi are performed over it.

The temple hold great significance for the population of the area and is a popular venue for mundan (shaving the head of 1 year-olds) of children of this area.

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How to Reach:

By Air

First to Reach Lucknow UP from any where in India by Air.

By Train

From Lucknow - Gonda - Balrampur

By Road

From Lucknow to Balrampur two ways : 1. Via Barabanki - Bahraich - Balrampur 2. Via - Barabanki - Gonda - Balrampur